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How I Use Contemporary Furniture in Modern Home Design

November 9, 2017

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Contemporary furniture reflects the present trend towards moving away from the formal to a more informal lifestyle. People are experimenting rather than conforming. There is also a desire to make a personal statement through ones choice of modern home design and contemporary furniture. Post 9/11, due to the heightened sense of insecurity more people prefer to remain at home and spend more time with the family and many modern home designs and furniture styles reflect this trend. Thus modern home design and contemporary furniture are more functional and comfortable with simple and uncluttered design. There is a strong sense of personal style in people’s choice of contemporary furniture and this goes well with the modern home designs. The casual living trend is reflected in the uncluttered design and multifunctional features of the furniture. There is also a trend towards formal décor for special occasions like dinner parties and this is also reflected in their choice of contemporary furniture for such occasions.
Another trend in contemporary home furniture is the preference for more sensual looks and feel like luxurious fabrics, simple shapes and soft warm colors. Light wood furniture still dominates and cherry, oak and birch are still very popular. Bamboo and rattan are becoming increasingly popular. Also many woods are being stained artificially to look like mahogany, zebrano and palisander. To match with the modern home designs stainless steel, and aluminum are being used widely. These are also being combined with colored fiberglass and satin glass in innovative styles.
Some modern home designs and home furniture that goes with them are influenced by since fiction and space age styles like that of the Jetsons. However, most of today’s contemporary furniture is characterized by clean lines and simple and elegant designs. The major advantage of contemporary style of home furniture is that it is clean looking, simple, easy to build and also it is easy to mix and match several designs while putting together all the components of a room. As there is not too much variation in color it is easy to change the color combinations and get a new room design without having to replace your furniture.
A lot of furniture today is also well suited to the tastes of single men and women incorporating sleek design with an emphasis on multimedia applications. Many high tech home entertainment centers are designed to have Flat Screen TVs with flat speakers embedded in spacious sofas upholstered with dark and trendy fabrics. You should not be surprised to find an ordinary coffee table transformed into a futuristic piece that changes color to match the occasion with the help of modern LED technology.
Smaller apartment home designs reflect a fun atmosphere with the use of contemporary furniture that focus on simple lines and lightness. They help in opening up the space in smaller rooms by bringing in more light. They also blend easily with older furniture pieces as well as traditional home designs. This versatility allows you to change the look and layout of rooms without the need to replace anything. It is possible to change the whole look of a traditional dining or living room by adding a few pieces of modern furniture. Contemporary furniture styles lend more flexibility to modern home design making it dynamic rather than static which was not possible in the past with traditional designs.
Today all kinds of contemporary furniture is available, be it chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, nightstands and many others. In fact the choice today is so wide that you can give your imagination a free hand and make your home design and furniture selection as individualistic as you like. You can also have high-tech equipment incorporated into custom-made furniture to go with your fast paced and modern lifestyle. You are only limited by your imagination and your cash balance. To find a suitable manufacturer of the style and type of contemporary furniture you want visit the Furniture Finder page at findyourfurniture furnfind.asp.

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Tips to Help You Design a Carefree Garden Room

November 9, 2017

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An indoor garden room is one of the rooms in your house that is best kept simple, but is also one of the hardest to design because of the type of look you will want to achieve. The best garden rooms appear to bring the outdoors inside, both in appearance and in true form. Light and open space are two of the best ways to achieve this feeling and there are some very easy interior decorating tips to help you achieve it. Also important, is the type and design of the furniture that you decide to use. The following are some tricks and ideas that I used when decorating my own garden room and tips that I share with others when helping them design a garden room of their own.
Inviting Seating Area
Skip furnishing your garden room with antiques and stuffy chairs that everyone will be afraid of sitting on. A carefree room needs to look inviting, and the first place people will seek in a room is a place to sit down. Choose a winsome set of furniture that includes chairs, a loveseat or sofa, and a couple tables. With a garden room design, the furniture does not all have to be matching, and mixing styles is an acceptable option.

There are several furniture designers that create pieces t match a garden room setting. My favorites include The Pottery Barn, whose collection can be viewed online at Another retailer that supplies garden room pieces is Home Decorators, which can be shopped at

Use Plants and Flowers
A healthy dose of potted plants, flowers in flowerpots and vases, and household plants hanging in baskets should be used in your indoor garden room. Plants and flowers work in creating the mood that you want, and bring the outdoors inside to you and your guests. Lush potted trees and tall spiky plants give the room a very earthy feeling, and flowers in pots and vases around the room add color, fragrance and draw people in.

Let the Light In
One of the best things you can do in a garden room is to let the light shine in freely. Avoid the use of any window treatments or door coverings. Plenty of light and air creates an inviting atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. People want to be a part of light and tend to spend more time relaxing and lounging in a light and airy environment.

Limit your Decorations
In an indoor garden room it is best to limit the amount of decorations you add to the furniture and walls. It is best to choose a single theme, either centered around an object or a color, and then pick two or three items based on that theme to add to your room.

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The Joy of a Video Game Design Degree

November 9, 2017

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Are you one of those people who love to watch flashy graphics and funny little characters filling your screen, giving your eyes a banquet of images to take in? Do you get excited by blowing things up or creating your own civilizations? If you can relate to these things, then you will see the joy of a video game design degree.
Starting point
To start with you are going to need to get the proper schooling; this involves a two to four year long stint at a college or technical institute. Places like the Florida Digital Media Arts College or the Collins College in Arizona offer extensive degree courses in video game design. With the demand for skilled video game designers growing rapidly, the companies responsible for creating and marketing these games are always on the lookout for the wiz kid, so to say. This means that there are more places offering courses and the wage rate is higher than most other design industry jobs.

Study guide
To be successful in video game design you will need to know about all aspects of designing and programming some of the things you will need to study include:

• Computer programming
• Graphic arts
• Electronic digital art
• Computer simulation
• Modeling
• Software engineering
There are many stages involved in the design of a video game and, while having an understanding of the entire process, you will likely wind up specializing in a particular part of the process. You could concentrate on illustration, or you might want to do more on the programming side. You will probably start out as a tester. Testing new games to make sure they perform consistently right through all of the features is a necessary task and can be a lot of fun.

Industry Knowledge
As with all specialized careers, it is important to know the industry you want to be involved in. Make it your aim to get to know who the major players are what type of games they produce, and what market they are aiming at. The time will come when you are finished your study and you will want to start to apply for work. By knowing the industry and the companies that operate within that industry, you will know who want to target for work. By doing your homework on these companies, you can find out little bits of information that you use to your advantage. For example, if you would like to work for a Japanese company, then it would be an advantage to know the language.
Another way to familiarize yourself with the industry is attend trade shows if you can; these trade shows give you the opportunity to meet and greet with people already working within the industry. If you attend these trade shows, you find endless amounts of information and learn about all aspects of the trade. Let’s be honest. School is great, but it can never fully prepare you for the real world. Be a go-getter. Remember, you have at least two years of college to do, but two years can go really fast. So if you are just starting your degree, it is still not too early to start networking and learning the inside secrets of the business.

Average Salary
Studies indicate that the average salary in the United States for a video game designer runs between $40,000.00 and $55,000.00 annually. Highly skilled designers that have built a solid reputation can into the six figure range. In comparison to other more traditional design careers, the joy of a video game design degree gives you the chance to earn more money.


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Who Wants a Designer Vagina?

November 9, 2017

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The trend hit Britain first and now is quickly becoming a latest beauty/fashion trend in the United States. Elective Genitoplasty; also known as the ‘designer vagina’. Woman are actually going through surgery to make their vagina’s look better. The procedures include flattening of the vagina to give it a more pubescent look, to changing the shape of the outer lip, or labia, reductions of the hood.
It is my opinion that pornography plays a huge roll in influencing women on what a ‘nice’ vagina looks like. Seeing how many women bring in photos of vagina’s from porn to their surgeon saying ‘I want my vagina to look like that’… it’s obvious my opinion stands correct.
Other women claim the surgery is done to enhance sexual pleasure, where some complain that wearing tight clothing with there… ehh hemm.. large vagina’s is embarrassing, and therefore reducing the size of their vagina would allow them to wear tight clothing again.
Some claim that their designer vagina’s are a miracle and got rid of personal sexual problems after the birth of their child. The surgery literately fixes the issues and gives you a brand new tight vagina. (This is why I am vouching for a c-section when I get pregnant, I don’t think I could go through a designer vagina surgery!). Next, you have that small percentage of chicks that just seek out perfection, and feel that having a pubescent looking vagina is perfection! (Ech, whatever! Something about wanting a vagina that resembles a teens private part sickens me to the core).


Where to get a designer vagina?
Los Angeles surgeon, Dr David Matlock will give you any vagina you want, and shape. Heck he can even tighten your sagging va-joogle!

(Chanel4) Quotes from Dr. Matlock: ‘What we’re doing is tightening the muscles of the vagina – the upper and lower portions – and the outside, and we’re making the vaginal canal and the opening smaller,’ he explains

My thoughts: Surgery on this scale, and any scale can lead to infection. As a matter of fact I was able to look up quite a few woman who claimed their new designer vagina’s got infected months after the initial surgery. Read the article here. You can read about actual women’s experiences with their new vagina’s. Also check out the link for surgeons who will perform the designer vagina procedure.
It’s my opinion that God gave you what he gave you for a reason, quit chopping pieces of your body off for perfection. Unless there is a medical reason to the need for a…um… new vagina, leave it the heck alone! Gez!!!! Lord I don’t even want to think about the pain these gals went through while trying to pee! Holy Lord, it must of hurt like hell.

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Some Great Design Ideas for a Custom Fireplace

November 9, 2017

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Fireplaces are a great addition to any home. Nothing elicits an image of home, more than a cozy fireplace. With today’s modern materials there is more flexibility in fireplace design than ever before. In this article we will take a look at the different components and types of fireplaces. We will also look at some design ideas, and some great decorating suggestions for fireplace design. Fireplaces have different components and it is important to understand each of them, and the ability that each has to affect your design decisions.
The most basic component that every fireplace must have is a firebox. This is the area where the fire is actually contained. There are different styles of firebox, including flush or dropped. They can also be made of stone, brick, or concrete. Another thing which every fireplace has is a fireplace opening. This is the part that surrounds the fire box and is the room opening to the fire. There are a lot of options here with rectangular, square, u shaped or even arched.
A hearth is another option that you may choose to specify. The hearth is really the floor of the fire place which extends out into the room. The idea of the hearth is to catch sparks and prevent the room from having a fire spread. Again, with this, there are a lot of options, including stone, brick, or even cement. Some fireplaces don’t have a room hearth, but special consideration needs to be made in such circumstances to ensure that a fire hazard is not created.
One of the most customizable options on a fireplace is the mantle. This is the surround to the opening of the fireplace. There are an endless amount of options when it comes to mantles, including stone, brick, wood, and cement. You can also purchase a custom made mantle built according to your specifications.
After you consider the above design issues – you will next need to choose your type. There are three basic types of fireplaces; traditional wood burning, gas, or electric. Your traditional wood burning is usually the most labor intensive to install, followed next by gas, and then lastly by electric. An electric fireplace is a great option if you don’t want undergo major construction in your home, but still want the look and feel of a fireplace. Usually electric fireplaces can be purchased as a complete unit and just installed on any wall in your home, provided you have the appropriate safety clearances around the unit.
Once you have decided what options you want in your fireplace then the last thing you should consider is placement. Depending on where you place it, you can make the fireplace the very focal point of the room, or place it on a far wall to create a sort of understated elegance. Remember that your custom design should always reflect your tastes and creativity.

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