How I Use Contemporary Furniture in Modern Home Design

November 9, 2017


Contemporary furniture reflects the present trend towards moving away from the formal to a more informal lifestyle. People are experimenting rather than conforming. There is also a desire to make a personal statement through ones choice of modern home design and contemporary furniture. Post 9/11, due to the heightened sense of insecurity more people prefer to remain at home and spend more time with the family and many modern home designs and furniture styles reflect this trend. Thus modern home design and contemporary furniture are more functional and comfortable with simple and uncluttered design. There is a strong sense of personal style in people’s choice of contemporary furniture and this goes well with the modern home designs. The casual living trend is reflected in the uncluttered design and multifunctional features of the furniture. There is also a trend towards formal d├ęcor for special occasions like dinner parties and this is also reflected in their choice of contemporary furniture for such occasions.
Another trend in contemporary home furniture is the preference for more sensual looks and feel like luxurious fabrics, simple shapes and soft warm colors. Light wood furniture still dominates and cherry, oak and birch are still very popular. Bamboo and rattan are becoming increasingly popular. Also many woods are being stained artificially to look like mahogany, zebrano and palisander. To match with the modern home designs stainless steel, and aluminum are being used widely. These are also being combined with colored fiberglass and satin glass in innovative styles.
Some modern home designs and home furniture that goes with them are influenced by since fiction and space age styles like that of the Jetsons. However, most of today’s contemporary furniture is characterized by clean lines and simple and elegant designs. The major advantage of contemporary style of home furniture is that it is clean looking, simple, easy to build and also it is easy to mix and match several designs while putting together all the components of a room. As there is not too much variation in color it is easy to change the color combinations and get a new room design without having to replace your furniture.
A lot of furniture today is also well suited to the tastes of single men and women incorporating sleek design with an emphasis on multimedia applications. Many high tech home entertainment centers are designed to have Flat Screen TVs with flat speakers embedded in spacious sofas upholstered with dark and trendy fabrics. You should not be surprised to find an ordinary coffee table transformed into a futuristic piece that changes color to match the occasion with the help of modern LED technology.
Smaller apartment home designs reflect a fun atmosphere with the use of contemporary furniture that focus on simple lines and lightness. They help in opening up the space in smaller rooms by bringing in more light. They also blend easily with older furniture pieces as well as traditional home designs. This versatility allows you to change the look and layout of rooms without the need to replace anything. It is possible to change the whole look of a traditional dining or living room by adding a few pieces of modern furniture. Contemporary furniture styles lend more flexibility to modern home design making it dynamic rather than static which was not possible in the past with traditional designs.
Today all kinds of contemporary furniture is available, be it chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, nightstands and many others. In fact the choice today is so wide that you can give your imagination a free hand and make your home design and furniture selection as individualistic as you like. You can also have high-tech equipment incorporated into custom-made furniture to go with your fast paced and modern lifestyle. You are only limited by your imagination and your cash balance. To find a suitable manufacturer of the style and type of contemporary furniture you want visit the Furniture Finder page at findyourfurniture furnfind.asp.