Tips to Help You Design a Carefree Garden Room

November 9, 2017


An indoor garden room is one of the rooms in your house that is best kept simple, but is also one of the hardest to design because of the type of look you will want to achieve. The best garden rooms appear to bring the outdoors inside, both in appearance and in true form. Light and open space are two of the best ways to achieve this feeling and there are some very easy interior decorating tips to help you achieve it. Also important, is the type and design of the furniture that you decide to use. The following are some tricks and ideas that I used when decorating my own garden room and tips that I share with others when helping them design a garden room of their own.
Inviting Seating Area
Skip furnishing your garden room with antiques and stuffy chairs that everyone will be afraid of sitting on. A carefree room needs to look inviting, and the first place people will seek in a room is a place to sit down. Choose a winsome set of furniture that includes chairs, a loveseat or sofa, and a couple tables. With a garden room design, the furniture does not all have to be matching, and mixing styles is an acceptable option.

There are several furniture designers that create pieces t match a garden room setting. My favorites include The Pottery Barn, whose collection can be viewed online at Another retailer that supplies garden room pieces is Home Decorators, which can be shopped at

Use Plants and Flowers
A healthy dose of potted plants, flowers in flowerpots and vases, and household plants hanging in baskets should be used in your indoor garden room. Plants and flowers work in creating the mood that you want, and bring the outdoors inside to you and your guests. Lush potted trees and tall spiky plants give the room a very earthy feeling, and flowers in pots and vases around the room add color, fragrance and draw people in.

Let the Light In
One of the best things you can do in a garden room is to let the light shine in freely. Avoid the use of any window treatments or door coverings. Plenty of light and air creates an inviting atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of. People want to be a part of light and tend to spend more time relaxing and lounging in a light and airy environment.

Limit your Decorations
In an indoor garden room it is best to limit the amount of decorations you add to the furniture and walls. It is best to choose a single theme, either centered around an object or a color, and then pick two or three items based on that theme to add to your room.