Who Wants a Designer Vagina?

November 9, 2017


The trend hit Britain first and now is quickly becoming a latest beauty/fashion trend in the United States. Elective Genitoplasty; also known as the ‘designer vagina’. Woman are actually going through surgery to make their vagina’s look better. The procedures include flattening of the vagina to give it a more pubescent look, to changing the shape of the outer lip, or labia, reductions of the hood.
It is my opinion that pornography plays a huge roll in influencing women on what a ‘nice’ vagina looks like. Seeing how many women bring in photos of vagina’s from porn to their surgeon saying ‘I want my vagina to look like that’… it’s obvious my opinion stands correct.
Other women claim the surgery is done to enhance sexual pleasure, where some complain that wearing tight clothing with there… ehh hemm.. large vagina’s is embarrassing, and therefore reducing the size of their vagina would allow them to wear tight clothing again.
Some claim that their designer vagina’s are a miracle and got rid of personal sexual problems after the birth of their child. The surgery literately fixes the issues and gives you a brand new tight vagina. (This is why I am vouching for a c-section when I get pregnant, I don’t think I could go through a designer vagina surgery!). Next, you have that small percentage of chicks that just seek out perfection, and feel that having a pubescent looking vagina is perfection! (Ech, whatever! Something about wanting a vagina that resembles a teens private part sickens me to the core).


Where to get a designer vagina?
Los Angeles surgeon, Dr David Matlock will give you any vagina you want, and shape. Heck he can even tighten your sagging va-joogle!

(Chanel4) Quotes from Dr. Matlock: ‘What we’re doing is tightening the muscles of the vagina – the upper and lower portions – and the outside, and we’re making the vaginal canal and the opening smaller,’ he explains

My thoughts: Surgery on this scale, and any scale can lead to infection. As a matter of fact I was able to look up quite a few woman who claimed their new designer vagina’s got infected months after the initial surgery. Read the article here. You can read about actual women’s experiences with their new vagina’s. Also check out the link for surgeons who will perform the designer vagina procedure.
It’s my opinion that God gave you what he gave you for a reason, quit chopping pieces of your body off for perfection. Unless there is a medical reason to the need for a…um… new vagina, leave it the heck alone! Gez!!!! Lord I don’t even want to think about the pain these gals went through while trying to pee! Holy Lord, it must of hurt like hell.